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Issa Rae Is Back in Front of the Mirror in Insecure Season 3

Issa is back on Insecure, and a new teaser features her right where we left her: rapping in front of the mirror and [spoilers] staying with Daniel after moving out of her old apartment. Like many Issa moments, it’s a burst of confidence that’s quickly interrupted by reality.

“Hey Mirror Bitch, you’re looking real clean/You’re lookin’ real bad, You’re lookin’ like a queen/It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you/But I gotta-“. I have to agree with Issa, she looks great. And that Nina Simone “MOOD” shirt? Put in in the great Insecure graphic tee Hall of Fame next to her Harriet Tubman hoodie. Also, all I could think of at the end was this shot from the new Mary Poppins? Was that intentional?

Insecure has been a messy, insightful, and endlessly entertaining ride. Season 1 of Insecure dealt with the messy relationship between Issa and Lawrence falling apart, and season 2 took us into a much-too-real look into the aftershocks of the breakup. Will Molly and Issa make better professional and personal decisions in season 3? Are Daniel and Issa going to make it work? And most importantly, are we going to get more of the incredible fake television series Due North?

Insecure‘s third season returns to HBO on August 12th. Are you going to check it out?

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