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Insecure Drops an Intense but Cliché Bombshell to End Season 4

issa and molly in awe of the messes they have made

**Spoilers for HBO’s Insecure.**

Last night’s episode of Insecure was the season finale, and that meant it couldn’t end without giving us a dramatic kick in the chest that left us clamoring for season 5. And that meant setting up the worst kind of plot device: an unplanned pregnancy.

The character of Condola (or, as the internet calls her, Condolances) has been a plot device this season. Her early friendship with Issa watered already-existing seeds of conflict with Molly, by being an awkward addition to their dynamic—not to mention her working relationship with Lawrence, Issa’s ex-boyfriend, as the two women were attempting to collaborate on an event together.

After episode three, “Lowkey Thankful,” we saw Lawrence and Condola pull apart as he began to see his feelings for Issa reignite. Condola faded into the background, only making a small onscreen appearance during the block party episode. Every time she was spoken of, it was only to reiterate that what happened between her and Lawrence was done, and it was Issa/Lawrence being in love and happy all day long.

We should have known it wasn’t going to last. In a season where the core conflict was the breakdown of a longtime female friendship, it was fitting that both women would end up having their romantic relationships completely break down. For Molly, it was realizing that she was selfish in her relationship with Andrew, never actively prioritizing his feelings when it counted, part of her arc for this whole season of learning to “let shit go.” For Issa, it was a tried and true story writing device: the unplanned pregnancy … of your boyfriend’s ex.

After a harrowing day of helping to track down a missing friend, Lawrence arrived to check up on Issa, looking like a sinner in church. He told Issa that Condola came over to talk the other night, and while initially, I thought Lawrence cheated, he shared that Condola was pregnant and keeping the baby #papadon’tpreach.

This moment, after episodes of showing Issa and Lawrence perfectly in sync, healing from past mistakes, and genuinely moving forward, was a kick in the tit—not because I didn’t expect it to fall apart, but because this place is so familiar.

The year was 2002 (I mean, I watched it way after this, but that’s when it happened), and it was the season two finale of the WB series Gilmore Girls. Lorelai had reconnected with her ex and baby daddy, Christopher. They were in a good place for the first time in years, Christopher no longer being vaguely irresponsible and ready to be a part of the Gilmore Girl world properly. Then, at Sookie’s wedding, he told Lorelai that his ex-girlfriend, Sherry, was having a baby.

Kick in the chest.

Baby plot twists are the worst. Issa freaks out because, while Lawrence doesn’t want to be with Condola, they are having a child together, and Lawrence is a good guy; he’s not going to abandon the child. But a child is forever, and for a relationship with so much baggage, this is just one bag too many.

It also places Condola in a giant antagonistic light that is unfair. It truly doesn’t make sense that a professional woman her age wouldn’t have a more effective form of birth control, especially since she’s doing a casual thing. Plus, Lawrence just had STIs last season, and you’d think he would have made sure, at least from his perspective, he’d be more careful?

If anything good came from this sudden baby reveal, it was that it gave Molly and Issa space to finally talk to each other. As for Lawrence, he and Condola can go to San Francisco and raise this child. Don’t worry, Issa. Nathan is right there waiting for you with his fantastic Houston accent and gorgeous smile.

What surprise baby ruined your favorite show/couple?

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