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More Pre-E3 Game News: Injustice 2 Trailer and Details, Watch Dogs 2, Destiny Updates

There will likely be a lot to examine and theorize about next week and beyond as E3 2016 brings us a constant stream of big gaming news, but this week has seen some fun revelations of its own. After leaks of Watch Dogs 2 (and plenty of them) and Injustice 2, both games now have official trailers and information out in the wild, along with other rumblings in the gaming world.

As you can see featured fairly prominently in the trailer above, Injustice 2 will feature a character customization system using collectible “gear” to upgrade your characters’ abilities, according to an interview in Rolling Stone with Geoff Johns and Ed Boon. These costume pieces will allow you to modify character attributes like speed, health, and strength to further tailor your favorite character to your fighting style. Speaking of favorite characters, Boon, of Injustice developer NetherRealm, has taken to Twitter to find out what characters fans might want to see in the game. Boon’s current poll is between Blue Beetle, Captain Cold, and Swamp Thing, so go ahead and vote if you’ve got a preference there.

Meanwhile, Watch Dogs 2 finally officially got its reveal trailer after weathering leaks of both its new protagonist, setting, and gameplay. (That new setting, by the way, is San Francisco, and I highly recommend the version of the trailer mashed up with Full House—it’s better than both the actual trailer and Fuller House.) Destiny expansion Rise of Iron had its trailer leaked before it was officially announced, as well. The update will feature The Plaguelands as a new location on Earth, and it will feature a new six-player raid, a social locale called Felwinter Peak, and—oh yeah, it won’t be coming to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Destiny occupied an odd space of being released across both last- and current-generation consoles, and developer Bungie will start treating the versions compatible with older hardware as “legacy” releases. That puts a fork in the road for character progression, as players on older systems will still be able to play the game, but they won’t get any new content, while players on newer systems will. However, players who upgrade after the change goes into effect—when the expansion releases on September 20—will still be able to port their character to their new console, provided they stick to the same hardware brand.

In other game expansion news, Street Fighter V‘s got new story mode content, new downloadable characters, new costumes, and more shiny new goodies on the way. Is there even going to be anything new left to see next week?

(image via NetherRealm)

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