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Inhalable Desserts: Cupcake, Pie, Cheesecake, Cinnamon Buns

You might’ve seen people smoking those e-cigarettes every now and then; they’re supposed to simulate the feel of smoking, but replace the actual smoke with a supposedly much healthier vapor. Diet company Vaportrim is attempting to recreate that type of alternative to smoking that e-cigarettes are trying to provide, but with dessert. Presenting, inhalable desserts, including cupcake, strawberry shortcake, cinnamon bun, peach cobbler, milk chocolate, and more.

Inhalable seems to be the trend lately, with e-cigarettes and that new inhalable caffeine shot, so dessert seems like as good a place as any to continue the trend. In theory, the Vaportrim sticks provide a shot of flavored mist, which is supposed to affect your sense of taste and smell in such a way that it curbs your appetite. As we all know, smelling delicious food when you are hungry only makes you hungrier, and having a taste of said delicious food when you’re hungry pretty much seals the deal that you’ll be eating the rest of it, so it is suspect that the Vaportrim inhalers will actually curb one’s appetite.

Basically, they’re just e-cigarettes without any sort of nicotine stimulant, and in place of that is lemon meringue pie. The website has a whole page describing why the sticks actually work — for realsies — and they claim as a person inhales, “smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s full.”

Here’s Emily McCombs of trying out the vanilla cupcake stick.

As you can see, Emily doesn’t seem too pleased with the sticks, saying the vanilla cupcake flavor tastes like acrid smoke with a little bit of sprinkles, but I suppose there’s only one way to find out if they work for you! I’d certainly give them a go. Just to see.

(Vaportrim via Oddity Central)

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