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Ramen Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

If this isn’t ‘news you can use,’ we don’t know what is: The folks at Seattle Weekly have come up with a day’s worth of recipes using ramen noodles, craftily converting the dorm room staple into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options.

Heating up a quick bowl of ramen in the microwave, waiting exactly three minutes, and topping it with some hot sauce was the go-to meal every broke undergrad could appreciate. Fast. Simple. And kinda tasty–if you’ve just had another beer.

But this humble delicacy doesn’t have to stay that way. Nowadays, people are gettin’ fancy with the noodles, creating recipe after recipe with the main ingredient being . . . you guessed it: ramen! From breakfast dishes to classy dessert options, ramen can get you through a whole day’s worth of meals, all costing under $10.

Full thing here.

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(Seattle Weekly via Lifehacker)

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