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Help Indie Developers and Kids in Need with the Recession Bundle!


Yesterday, the folks over at came out with the Recession Bundle, a bundle of 8 great indie games. But this isn’t your average bundle; a portion of the profits go to the charity, SOS – Children’s Village Croatia. Find out more about the bundle and a little bit about each game after the jump! provides information on current and upcoming Indie Game Bundles (such as the Humble Bundle and Indie Royale). The Recession Bundle is the first bundle to be organized by the Indiegamesbundles team. There are a total of 8 games available, 6 for free and 2 bonus games for donators. The proceeds from donators are split evenly between the developers and SOS – Children’s Village Croatia, a branch of an international organization that supports abandoned, destitue, and abandoned children. The bundle is made up of games from indie developers, some well known and some just starting out. You probably won’t know many of the games in the bundle, but they are all worth a look.

6 freeware games

  • Mighty Jill Off – This unique platformer was produced by Anna Anthropy, AKA Auntie Pixelante. She has designed a number of games and wrote Rise of the Video Game Zinesters, a book about how anyone can make video games. Mighty Jill Off is simple, fun, and wicked hard.
  • Action Fist – Beau Blyth’s Action Fist is a 2D side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Contra or Gunstar Heroes. Blyth (or Teknopants) mentions on his website how important local co-op is, including it in most of his games including Action Fist. It’s fast-paced fun if you play it with a friend or by yourself.
  • Vidiot Game – You have never played anything like this. It is an absolutely crazy game developed by a team from GZ Storm. This game truly defies explanation. Go check it out here.
  • The Cat and the Coup – This one’s a joint project by Peter Brinson (part of the team behind Waco Ressurection) and Kurosh ValaNejah (a senior technical assistant for the 2000 film, Hollow Man). The Cat and the Coup is described on the game’s website as a “documentary videogame.” Players take control of the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in the turbulent summer of 1953. This is a truly moving and powerful game, if a little short.
  • Dubloon – A point-and-click pirate RPG in the style of 16-bit RPGs, Dubloon features a large, explorable overworld and a number of quests and dungeons. It was developed by 19-year-old Greg “Banov” Lobanov, an indie designer from Pennsylvania.
  • Neverball – In this game reminiscent of Monkey Ball, players guide a ball through a course, completing tasks by tilting the map. This clever action and puzzle game also includes Neverputt, a mini-golf game using the Neverball game engine. The game was produced by a team of over 40 contributors led by Robert Kooima.

2 bonus games for donators (DRM Free)

  • Star-Twine – Canadian designer, Eric Billingsley, published this abstract strategy game in which players build structures and try to destroy those of their opponents in a 3D environment. Star-Twine is one heck of a trippy game and you should seriously check it out!
  • 8-Bit Night – In this unique take on the tradional platformer, players complete devious puzzles by rotating the map on its axes. 8-Bit Night was developed by Russian game studio, RetroSouls, consisting solely of Denis Grachev.

So there you have it! Head on over to to download the games. Support indie developers, help kids in need, and play cool games; everyone wins!


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