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Inception Meets Magic: The Gathering: Duel Decks, Extractors Vs. Dreamers

I love Inception, and I also love playing Magic: the Gathering. If only there were some way to experience both of those wonderful things at once. Well, I made such a way. For those of you who aren’t aware of the recent Magic product lines, they have introduced a new gimmick called “Duel Decks” where two classic foes duke it out with an army of spells. Each deck is designed to reflect the magical style of its protagonist, species, or faction. So today, I am honored to present Duel Decks: Extractors Vs. Dreamers.

Below are two 40-card deck lists and the accompanying card images. Click any card to see it larger in better quality. Print them out or make proxies and let me know if the decks are actually at all balanced, or just throw a Mal Cobb card into your mono-black aggro deck and see if your friends notice. Enjoy!

Extractors Deck

Lands (17):
9x Island
6x Swamp

2x Mountain

Creatures (13):
4x Projection
2x Nash, Failed Architect
2x Arthur, The Point Man
1x Eames, The Forger
Ariadne, The Architect
1x Yusuf, The Chemist
1x Mal Cobb
1x Dom Cobb

Other Spells (10):
2x Sedated Death
2x Kick
2x Changing The Dream World
1x We Need To Go Deeper
1x Ariadne’s Totem
1x Arthur’s Totem
1x Cobb’s Totem

Dreamers Deck:

Lands (17):
7x Plains
7x Forest
3x Mountain

Creatures (15):
2x Aware Projections
2x Projection
2x Train Of Thought
2x Subconscious Security
2x James and Phillipa
1x Maurice Fischer
1x Miles, The Professor
1x Peter Browning
1x Robert Fischer
1x Saito, The Tourist

Other Spells (8):
2x Always Imagine New Places
2x Brace Your Mind
2x Projection Strike
2x Purge The Dream

Whether extractors or dreamers reign, one thing is certain: I have too much time on my hands.

These cards were created using Magic Set Editor; the text is the author’s own. They are obviously not endorsed by or affiliated with Magic: The Gathering or Inception, but are the product of pure fan love and appreciation.

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