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In 2023, Can People Stop Making Hatred of Movies and TV Shows Their Entire Personality?

The last jedi and she-hulk because people can't stop complaining

When you dislike a movie, you can do one of two things: ignore that movie and move on with your life or make it your entire personality, it seems. This comes as the least shocking thing in the world if you’ve lived through the last five years online, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Marvel and Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series being major examples. Because somehow, a movie not being up to your own personal standards is somehow everyone else’s problem.

It seems nearly constant that we’re just all minding our own business and suddenly one of these two properties is trending because someone has decided to say something negative out of nowhere. It happens like clockwork: We’re all minding our business, and BAM, someone has decided to act like a movie killed their dog.

There are movies in this world that I hate, but I just watch them the one time, I say I don’t like them, and then I move on with my life. For some reason, those who act like The Last Jedi took their dreams and smashed them into the ground with a hammer right in front of their face make sure to remind us how much they hate that movie on a monthly basis.

So what if those who seemingly have no other personality than this vitriol went into the new year and decided to change their ways and stop making everyone else miserable because they decided to not like something?

Loudly hating She-Hulk just makes you annoying

She-Hulk in Disney+'s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finale.
(Marvel Entertainment)

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ended in October, and yet somehow, we’re still dealing with guys on the internet complaining about it. To be clear, you can dislike the show and go ahead with that opinion. What I don’t like is that the internet loves to either hate you because you do like the show or completely ignore what the series is saying about toxicity in the MCU fanbase—particularly how male fans interact with people.

Comic book writer Dan Slott pushed back against the idea that the show wasn’t comic book accurate (because, well, it is comic accurate), and it ushered in a sea of angry replies—mainly men saying that the show “divided” fans by being anti-men. The reality is that the show called out toxic fans who make their entire personality hating the MCU or people who like it and yell at them for wanting to see female heroes or characters of color get their time onscreen, as well.

So it isn’t surprising that the fans who were being called out are the ones who will not stop harassing anyone who dares like She-Hulk. But whatever the case is, 2023 started with a lot of people complaining about the show that has been over for months, and what if, instead, everyone just like … got a personality and did anything else with their time?

The Last Jedi came out five years ago

Luke Skywalker brushes dirt off his shoulder in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Well, it’s a new year so of course someone is still mad that The Last Jedi murdered their entire family right before their eyes. It truly hurt so many families out there. Rian Johnson should be in jail for his crimes.

This is … sarcasm. The movie did not do anything bad and is actually a great look into character arcs and his a fundamental understanding of Luke Skywalker as a character in such a way that it’s iconic.

But those who do not understand Luke and think he’s just our “hero” take offense to a movie that shows his faults. You’d think that the movie just came out with the amount of people still talking about it, but hey, it’s been five years! And yet, here we are.

It feels way too much to ask to beg everyone to get over it, so instead I will just simply ask that we keep the overall hatred of this frankly great movie to an every-other-month thing? Is that too much to ask?

New year, same nonsense. So let’s hope that this is the last time in 2023 we have to talk about people who hate The Last Jedi and She-Hulk. What next? Is someone going to say Captain Marvel sucked and start that fight again?

(featured image: Marvel Entertainment/Lucasfilm)

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