Mabel (Selena Gomez) and Theo (James Caverly) in "Only Murders In The Building".

I’m So Happy ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Brought This Character Back

In addition to its terrific leads, Only Murders in the Building is rife with interesting and mysterious supporting players. Over three seasons, these secondary characters have become some of the show’s greatest assets, allowing the Arconia to truly come to life by populating its hallowed halls with memorable, tragic, amusing, and sometimes murderous personalities.

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Think about kleptomaniac Uma Heller (Jackie Hoffman), cat lover Howard Morris (Michael Cyril Creighton), or Dr. Grover Stanley (Russell G. Jones), the therapist who likes to get paid in cryptocurrency. Would the show feel complete without them? Would we have laughed as hard or learned as much if they weren’t such integral building blocks of the narrative? These characters are an inextricable part of what makes Only Murders such a success—without them, we arguably wouldn’t love Martin Short‘s Oliver, Steve Martin’s Charles, and Selena Gomez’s Mabel half as much.

**Spoilers ahead for Only Murders in the Building season 3, episode 7**

One such vital secondary character is James Caverly’s Theo Dimas, son of Deli King Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane). Theo’s had a tough journey in Only Murders so far: He was forced to work his father’s graverobbing side hustle, felt trapped by Teddy’s expectations and frustration with his disability, and, of course, accidentally killed his friend and potential love interest. For a secondary character, Theo’s been through a lot. But now he’s back in Only Murders in the Building season 3, finally ready to move on.

James Caverly as Theo Dimas and Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora in Only Murders in the Building season 3 episode 7

One of the series’ best episodes is season 1, episode 7, “The Boy from 6B”. Told from Theo’s point of view, the episode features almost no audible dialogue, making his deafness a central part of the narrative. It’s a masterclass in storytelling and made Theo one of Only Murders in the Building’s most compelling characters, bar none. But a major part of his continued intrigue on the show is his relationship with Mabel Mora. Their dynamic (especially in season 2, episode 7, “Flipping the Pieces”) has been a highlight of the show, and I’m happy to report that season 3 hasn’t forgotten about their onscreen chemistry.

That’s not to say that I think their relationship should be romantic—though given their repartee, I completely understand why some fans might ship them. I also believe Mabel has a more compelling dynamic with Theo than with her current love interest, Tobert (Jesse Williams). On some level, they understand each other better than anyone. They share each other’s loneliness and confusion. She’s been learning ASL to communicate with him better, and he has spent more time with her, helping her move. They’ve fallen into a rhythm of friendship, one that still has the potential to become something more.

We get to see more of the real Theo shine through in season 3 as well. He’s no longer burdened by his secrets or those of his father. He can be a giant CoBro nerd, and he can help Mabel launch the podcast on her own (though that part still makes me sad). I get the feeling this won’t be the last we see of Theo in this season, and I think the show will be all the better for it. He’s one secondary character who deserves to return again and again.

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