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I’m Not Shutting Up Until This Sketch Comedy Airs in the U.S.

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun is one of the funniest sketch comedies to hit Netflix in recent years, and yet, like so many other amazing Netflix shows, the series was canceled after only one season. Creators and stars Mark Bonano, Broden Kelly, and Zach Ruane went home to Australia, where they did a live tour and started cooking up their next project: Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café.

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Now, Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe has premiered, and if you’re in Australia—or if you have access to an Australian VPN—you can watch it on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s app, Iview. If you’re not in Australia, though? If you have the misfortune to be stranded in the forgotten backwater that is the United States of America? You’re out of luck.

This situation, my friends, is a crime. The Aunty Donna Boys have started releasing clips from the new show, and they’re funny as hell! Look at this one, called “People Who Are Bad at Tic-Tac-Toe World Championships!”

In the sketch, two guys who are bad at tic-tac-toe (or “noughts and crosses,” for the more cultured among you), try to either win or lose a game, it’s not clear. Even the announcer and the referee aren’t sure what’s going on. I love it.

Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café ostensibly follows Zach, Mark, and Broden as they run a cafe in Melbourne. However, like the original Aunty Donna show, this sketch shows that they’ll also be taking on a variety of characters and personas, making the show more of a sketch comedy than a sitcom. The Netflix show did some pretty amazing things with the format, including lots of songs. Here’s their classic (and very NSFW) “Morning Brown:”

I love these guys. I want them back in my life. When, oh when, will I be able to watch the new show here in the U.S.?

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