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They Call Idris Elba Knuckles in the Upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie. Unlike Sonic, He Don’t Chuckle.

He'd rather flex his muscles!

Knuckles fist art for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie next to a press photo of Idris Elba.

I am still trying to come off of my Idris Elba high after The Suicide Squad, only to trip headfirst into this Tuesday afternoon tweet:


Now I am back on my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 high because we now have our Knuckles.

I feel like a lot of folks have movies that they’re anticipating, yet my list is always so … this. I enjoyed the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie a whole lot, but there are two specific things that made me completely lose my sh*t:

  1. There is an echidna tribe at the beginning movie
  2. Tails

So we already knew we were getting more Tails, thanks to the first movie, and this cool title and date announcement a couple of months back:

The only thing left to make my fangirl dreams come true would be Knuckles. Yes, I know he doesn’t show up until Sonic 3 game-wise, but ECHIDNA TRIBE means POTENTIAL KNUCKLES, and I’m impatient. Technically, set photos revealed a Knuckles stand-in prop, though we never got an official announcement about Knuckles being in the movie.

Not only do we now have our answer, but we have Idris Elba voicing him!

The real question is what will Knuckles’ story be in the movie? In the games, it takes him a minute to become an ally, partially because he’s deceived by Robotnik, and partially because he’s born on an island in the heavens and … well, here, here’s the song and our new national anthem until the movie release next year:

Here is my hypothesis from the last time I fangirled over a Sonic movie announcement:

In the game series, Robotnik does deceive Knuckles into thinking that Sonic’s an enemy, so if Robotnik’s traveling through worlds and finds the Echidna Tribe (who were already chasing after Sonic and Longclaw the Owl), that could line up to present a worthy adversary in this sequence.

I really do think Knuckles is going to be an enemy at first, especially since echidnas weren’t too kind to Sonic and Longclaw in the first movie. While it’s usually Knuckles who instigates things between them, I’m wondering if Sonic is gonna see an echidna and freak out because of what happened in the past.

Whatever the case, I welcome Idris Elba as our Knuckles.

(Image: PAR, PICS, & SEGA and David Livingston/Getty Images)

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