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Trillion Ton Iceberg Breaks Off of Antarctic Shelf, Prompting (Even More) Discussion About Climate Change

A massive chunk of ice just broke off of one of the largest ice shelves in Antarctica. The chunk is roughly the size of Delaware (or twice the size of Luxembourg), and weighs about a trillion tons.

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Stephen Hawking Warns of “Irreversible” Climate Damage After Trump Pulls out of the Paris Agreement

It was pretty easy to see that pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change was a boneheaded move when the only other nations not involved were out for unrelated reasons or because they didn't think it was strict enough. But Trump's promises being bad ideas has never stopped him from keeping them before, and he pulled the U.S. out of the agreement to the dismay of people around the world—including Stephen Hawking.

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Things We Saw Today: The Real Story Behind the Events of Detroit

Annapurna Pictures also released a really great video along with the second trailer for the film where we get to hear from several of the people who lived through the events depicted in the film, including Melvin Dismukes (played by John Boyega in the film) all stressing how important it is that this story finally get told. Check it out after the jump!

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Last Week Tonight Covers What Leaving the Paris Agreement Means for the Climate Change Movement

On yesterday's Last Week Tonight, the main story was Donald Trump's decision to take the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the misinformation that accompanies that choice, and the consequences of doing so.

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Nine U.S. States Have Joined A Climate Alliance To Protect the Planet And Uphold the Paris Agreement

Think globally, act locally.

The governors of nine U.S. states - California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington- have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition that pledges its members to uphold the tenets of the Paris Agreement.

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Mike Pence Claims Climate Change Is Only an Issue For “The Left,” Is Just Totally Phoning It in Now

Mike Pence, our theocrat-in-waiting Vice President and a man I now call "the Spanish Inquisition," went on Fox & Friends in the face of international outcry about Trump's Paris Accords decision. He whinged that climate change was only a problem for the left, since apparently the right wing lives on another planet. Can we go there once this planet is ruined?

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Adam Ruins Everything Reminds Us Why Trump Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement Hurts Climate Change Efforts

With the U.S. withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Adam Conover reminds us why it was such an important first step against climate change.

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New York Times’ New Op-Ed Hire Doesn’t Believe the Campus Rape Epidemic is a Real Thing

This isn't Santa Claus. It's happening, whether you believe it or not.

The New York Times just launched a campaign touting their dedication to truth and integrity. But Bret Stephens doesn't seem to have any interest in either of those things.

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Ocean Explorers Explain Why Going Into the Deep Sea Benefits Us All

Pioneers in ocean exploration Robert Ballard and Sylvia Earle talk about why it's essential that we pay attention to oceanography at this critical moment.

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Doctor Who Stands Up For Doctors, and More Highlights from the #MarchforScience

Today, to commemorate Earth Day and condemn the dangerous influence of climate change denial, scientists and their supporters marched all over the world.

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Flush With Subscription Money From Anti-Trump Readers, The New York Times Just Hired a Climate Change Denier

After declaring that "the truth is more important now than ever," The New York Times has hired a climate change denier for its editorial team.

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Al Gore Will Host Previously-Canceled Climate Change Summit, Saying, “Climate Shouldn’t Be a Political Issue”

The CDC canceled a climate change summit after Trump's inauguration, calling it a "strategic retreat." Now, Al Gore is ensuring the summit will happen anyway.

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Station Obama in the Antarctic Will Monitor Climate Change and Honor Obama

Station Obama, not to be confused with the Japanese Obama Station, is about to play a larger role in our fight against climate change.

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The Future Is Disappearing: Trump Administration Deletes WhiteHouse.Gov References to Climate Change, Civil Rights, Healthcare, LGBT Issues

President-elect Donald Trump has only just stepped into office today, and already, the effects of his administration can be seen on the official White House websites. Apparently those effects are, "delete all reference to the issues that this administration intends to ignore."

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Things We Saw Today: Patton Chen’s Figure Skating Recreations of Yuri!!! on Ice Routines

Patton Chen, a Chinese figure skater and a big fan of the anime Yuri!!! On Ice, has been recreating routines from the show and putting them on his YouTube channel.

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Who Wants to Get Really Depressed About Climate Change? Thanks, Adam Ruins Everything!

In the latest trailer for TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover talks about climate change in the most realistic and depressing way possible. Like, you know how him "ruining" stuff is often funny? Yeah...this isn't even funny.

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Weather Channel Meteorologist Schools House Science Committee on Cherry-Picked Climate Data

Last week, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted out an anti-climate science propaganda article as a slam against "alarmists." Unfortunately, there's plenty of reason to be alarmed, as the Weather Channel has laid out effectively, after one of their segments was disingenuously used to bolster the article's claims.

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NASA’s Climate Science May Be in Trouble With New Administration for Being Too “Politicized”

PC culture has gone too far when we can't even deny science without ridicule anymore!

That darn PC culture! We can't even use words to deliberately punch down at less fortunate people or ... ignore our role in destroying the planet we all need to live on? That last part is how the Trump campaign's advisor on NASA feels, apparently, as he's mentioned that they're poised to scrap NASA's Earth science projects in order to prioritize space exploration.

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NASA’s New Artist-in-Residence Draws Attention to Climate Change

For his residency, Justin Guariglia is collaborating with geoscientists at NASA to "figure out fresh ways to present the effects of climate change to the public."

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Oh, Just NASA Lurking on Facebook to Shut Down Climate Change Deniers

NASA: hard at work just like the rest of us.

When you're a Facebook page called NASA Climate Change (or when you run one, because NASA's Facebook pages probably are not sentient—probably), a climate change denier claiming to be supported by NASA while leaving a Facebook message for Bill Nye might as well be your bat signal. Exactly that situation arose just days ago, and NASA Climate Change descended to exact justice on its unwitting prey.

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