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Super-Moms Create Line Of Figurines That Let Kids “Play With Power”

24 is still a kid, right? At least when awesomeness is involved?


Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau were dissatisfied with the the action figures available to their kids, so they took matters into their own hands–the intrepid moms just raised an incredible 465% of their Kickstarter goal for IAmElemental, a line of fierce figurines that nurture the superhero inside every girl.

Allow the ladies to explain:

The Kickstarter wrapped June 13th, and the team says the additional funds will help secure distribution across the country–in the meantime, you can purchase one of the 7 bad-ass models here.


Each $8.99 figurine comes with 9 life-like points of articulation and is, according to the Moms, designed as “a positive and fierce re-interpretation of the traditional female action figure” (get a load of the figurines’ biceps. Pretty intimidating). The team doesn’t intend the figures to be anti-Barbie or anti-doll, but instead an alternative option on the market for kids who want to explore more than just “the traditional, male-dominated superhero universe.” That message might require the IAmElemental brand to expand beyond figurines, though. The creators say 

There will eventually be comic books and graphic novels – just maybe not in the way that people expect. Redefining the action figure ethos means that we have to change the way we approach visual story-telling as well. If we are more than fully-funded, we will be able to roll out some of these plans more quickly. Ultimately, we want to be a conduit for the stories inside every girl, boy, man, and woman so that they can be shared and celebrated.

Huzzah! Now I need to go have a long talk with my Sky Dancers. We have to prepare for some new additions.


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