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Tony Stark Named an Alpaca “Gerald,” and More Important Information

Tony Stark and Morgan Stark

I am a fan of Domestic Tony Stark. Call me a sucker for a good father/daughter relationship, but the minute that Morgan H. Stark appeared in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, I was a goner. So now, Marvel has decided it’s time to drive the knife in deeper and continue to give us content that we want and need in our lives: Tony Stark just existing with Pepper Potts and Morgan.

In this scene, there’s just, like, an alpaca out front, and Morgan Stark is running around in this farmland dream with her Rescue mask on. Is this the world I’m going to pretend Tony Stark still exists in? You betcha!

The thing about this family dynamic is that it was a shock for many fans, because Tony Stark’s idea of “domestic” life had been buying Pepper a giant stuffed animal and nearly killing her. So to see him suddenly a doting father who figured out time travel and then went to have a juice pop with his kid? A great change of pace.

The scene is simple: Pepper and Tony are making lunch together while Morgan is outside playing; they’re talking about Tony’s alpaca and how he keeps getting Pepper’s gojis. When the time comes, Tony goes outside to get Morgan for her lunch. (So, assume this takes place right before the Avengers show up.)

So, of course, I fell in love with Gerald. An alpaca that we barely actually see, he’s just there, eating their things, and making Pepper’s life that much more difficult, because when is being with Tony Stark anything easy? Gerald is a great character—just an alpaca, living his life, wanting to be part of the family and get his gojis.

More importantly, though, this scene gave us this little tidbit:

Who runs the Stark household? Not Anthony Edward Stark or Virginia Pepper Potts. No, that title goes to Morgan Stark, whose parents call her “Madam Secretary” and who clearly gets to be a spoiled kid because Tony Stark wants to shower her with the love that he never really got from his father.

I understand why this is a deleted scene. Part of me agrees with the decision to cut it, but now that I have knowledge of Gerald the alpaca, I want nothing more than to see Tony Stark tending to his pets and letting Morgan run around with them. (Also, did you know that Robert Downey Jr. actually owns alpacas?)

There’s going to be a lot more Avengers: Endgame content coming our way with the home release, and honestly, give it to me. Let me cry some more about these superheroes and live in my fanfiction dream that Tony Stark ended up fine and is watching Peter Parker and Morgan Stark try to feed his alpacas. You can’t take that away from me!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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