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I Could Watch These Six Actors Talking to Each Other For the Rest of My Life

Jeff Bridges looking at Pedro Pascal

The Hollywood Reporter dropped its actors roundtable this week, and truly and honestly the internet has not stopped thinking about it. Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin, Damon Idris, Evan Peters, and Michael Imperioli all sat down to talk about their shows and the new roles that have taken over their lives. From shows like The Old Man to Succession and more, the conversation covered careers, television, and what draws them to the projects they end up choosing, but what was great was that this was the most chaotic group of men to get together for a chat, because they all just wanted to ask each other about craft.

Sometimes, you get an actor who is too into his own sense of craft won’t want to talk to others about theirs, but this group was so eager to hear how everyone else functions as actors. They wanted to geek out about their respective projects, and it was just genuinely a wonderful conversation that included Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin touching each other the entire time (which I personally loved).

It has resulted in me becoming obsessed with this dynamic between all the actors, but one particular moment really did stick out to me because of a movie that Pascal and Bridges were in together, as well as because I understand Pascal’s love for Bridges and his work.

Pedro Pascal geeking out over Jeff Bridges is me

My favorite part of the chat was Pedro Pascal almost crying talking about Jeff Bridges (who he has worked with before). The movie to which I attribute my job here at the Mary Sue is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It is were I met our Kaila Hale-Stern, and it is a movie that means a great deal to me because I love Bridges and Pascal, as well as the Kingsman franchise as a whole.

“You’re one of my favorite actors and I grew up watching your movies and I have to do this, I’m sorry,” Pascal said. “I got a job, and one of the earlier days of the experience was sitting at a table with Jeff in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And I got to sit and watch you work and work things out and there was all this interesting stuff that you wanted to do with the whiskey and use it as mouthwash but you wouldn’t drink, you wouldn’t swallow you’d spit it into a thing and it was such an incredible school. It was as if it was one of your earlier jobs.”

The two went on to talk about their work together and how they supported each other, but it highlighted both why I love Pedro Pascal’s giddy fascination with actors he’s working with and Jeff Bridges’ vibe as a whole. It showed that these actors just all appreciate one another and their work.

At the end, Pascal said he’d love to do a project with all the actors at the roundtable, and honestly? I’d love to see it. I’ll write it myself; that sounds like my dream project.

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