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Another Amazing Duo of Hunger Games Parodies Featuring a Lady Caesar Flickerman and Sofia Vergara [Videos]

And Fansplosions Abound


Well, this is just about the most fun you’ll have all day, if you like your Hunger Games parodies LOUD! On top, by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi (aka Hillywood), is a rare look at Caesar Flickerman’s point of view on the games — and if he was also a woman in drag. Imagine if Lady Gaga was given an assignment to come up with such a scenario, and then she handed it off to Maya Rudolph to perform it. And after the jump, Saturday Night Live did a Hunger Games sketch this weekend! You’ll want to watch both, we’re giving you fair warning.

This week’s guest host was Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), and she had a great, great night. And while the newest cast member, Kate McKinnon wasn’t in this one, she made a great impression in a very decent amount of sketches as a new featured cast member. But for now, here is the Hunger Games sketch:


(via Hillywood on YouTube, Saturday Night Live)

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