The Hunger Games Elizabeth Banks Talks About The Prim, Proper And Pink Effie Trinket

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The Hunger Games Effie Trinket is a simple creature. Her narrow mind is focused on fashion, getting ahead and everything having to do with the Capitol, even if it means ignoring the horrors facing the Tributes as they enter the Games. Actress Elizabeth Banks takes on the outlandish woman in the film and recently spoke about her very pink experience. 

“Effie is a very complicated woman,” Banks told People Magazine. “She’s a spinner. She spins everything into something positive. These kids have been pulled from their loved ones to compete on television in this horrible event in which they will likely lose their lives.”

Effie’s job is to not only draw the children’s names from a giant bowl but escort the chosen ones on their tour of Districts before the Games start. Banks said her character is, “charged with making their last days before they’re in the Games as positive as possible, so that they go into the Games with a great attitude. And, of course, that seems crazy.”

We finally got a look at a full trailer for The Hunger Games this week where we saw the main character, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) volunteering herself for the deadly games in place of her sister.

“Katniss is so strong, so courageous, and when faced with this overly positive, super-enthusiastic Effie, [Jennifer] and I definitely had some great moments of conflict,” said Banks. Although the actress loved the role, she wasn’t too happy with some of the character’s fashion choices.

“For sure the biggest challenge of playing Effie was the shoes!” she said. “All of my shoes in the movie are completely amazing but highly uncomfortable. I said to Gary, ‘You better be shooting these shoes, because they’re killing me.'”

But her overall look in the film is what helped her transform into Effie. “I would be in the hair and makeup trailer and I was Elizabeth, and then the wig went on and very suddenly I was Effie,” she said. “Every day I would have that aha moment, like, ‘We did it! We found Effie!'”

People will have more about the highly anticipated movie in their Friday issue. The Hunger Games will hit theaters March 23.

(via People)

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