Officially Licensed Tetris Costumes Now Exist, Great For Making Human Barriers

Just in time for Halloween!

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It’s hard to believe that there hadn’t been licensed Tetris costumes on the market before — after all, it’s such a simple concept. Now a company in the UK has finally secured the rights to these iconic blocks, so of course the very first thing they did was send a bunch of people out to a fancy pub and get in everyone’s way.

The company in question, Morph Costume Co., specializes in full-body Zentai spandex suits with different weird colors and patterns. They’ve since branched out with these pop-up Tetris costumes, as well as the “Transforming Morphmobile” (guess Transformers wasn’t as willing to give up rights as Tetris was) and a line of Mr. Men characters. You know, those weird blobs from that children’s book series that taught you about different emotions and stuff? Mr. Tickle? Never mind, moving on.

In the press release they provided, Morph Costume Co. describes how the Tetris costumes have supposedly already been banned at a local London nightspot, The Artisan of Clerkenwell, for using the costumes to block off certain parts of the bar until their friends could arrive. A representative of the bar is quoted thusly:

We noticed a few weeks ago a group of office workers dressed as giant Tetris blocks, and we thought it was a funny one-off. They certainly attracted a lot of attention. However, we have now seen them repeatedly coming into the bar straight after work and slotting themselves together until more of their friends arrive to occupy the space.

The costumes are obviously hilarious, and we were impressed by the office worker’s innovative use of the blocks to reserve bar space, but to ensure everyone can enjoy the whole bar, we wanted to call time on the punters bringing them in every day.

Is this a shameless publicity stunt? Oh, of course. There’s no doubt that they paid The Artisan of Clerkenwell (which is a real place, to be fair) to take pictures there and pretend to get banned. In fact, we bet above quote wasn’t said by an actual bar spokesperson.

Is it still a totally awesome idea that we need to see happen for real somewhere? Most definitely. Come on, how cool would it be to get a bunch of friends together and play the most intense, nerdiest game of Red Rover ever while wearing these things?

tetris costumes

We applaud Morph Costume Co. for their brilliant idea, even if they weren’t so good at making their publicity attempts very subtle.

(via Digital News Room, images via Paul Clarke)

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