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Languages of Love: How to Say “I Love You” In Na’vi, Klingon, Huttese, and More

If you haven’t been hit over the head with it enough, Valentine’s Day is coming up on Sunday. You already know how to woo the geeky girl and pick memorable gifts, but how to make it really memorable, like, say, by saying “I love you” in Na’vi? Here’s how:

Na’vi: “Oe tìyawn ngenga nìftxavang.”

Klingon: “qamuSHa”

Visual Basic: Under no circumstance should you say “ILOVEYOU” in visual basic, unless you want to conjure up memories of the infamous e-mail distributed worm from 2000. If you want to be retro, you can give them the I Love You antivirus program, which removes infected files. They may read unpleasant connotations into this, however.

Sindarin [Elvish tongue from Lord of the Rings]: “Le melin.”

Huttese [the language of Jabba the Hutt and his people]: “Uma ji muna”

xkcd: These ecards. (Today’s is sad though.)

R’lyehian [the language of Cthulu]: no direct translation, but “ck’yarnak ehye” is as good a bet as any. (literal: “we share cohesion”)
(source; h/t GeekDad for R’lyehian’s existence)

Binary: 011010010010000001101100011011110111011001100101 00100000011110010110111101110101
([open] source)

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