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How to Make Your Personal Website Stand Out: Look Exactly Like Google

Generic template sites and unskippable Flash intros are passé, so photographer Michael Jang followed an original route in designing his new personal webpage: He cloned Google. But it’s not what it seems:

Every link on the page points to something on the web that showcases Jang or his work, whether it’s a photo of his in the SFMOMA, or an interview with him by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Even the links at the top that normally provide different Google search methods are links to Jang’s various social media presences.

Note that Jang still does have a more standard personal page at, and that the top link and “sponsored link” on Jangian Google push you towards that, so he hasn’t entirely ceded his personal branding over to the pseudo-cloud.

(Wired via PetaPixel | Artist’s page)

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