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How To Make Your Own Sad Keanu Cut-Outs

Sometimes, when you’re forced to live in a world that you know is just a computer program, and when you also know kung fu, you find yourself sad and lonely. Keanu Reaves knows this all too well. There was even an Internet holiday devoted to the task of cheering him up, but his sadness persists and continue to take many forms across the web. But maybe what he needs is some real-life, human company; namely, yours. And now, thanks to the wonderful people of Reddit, you can do your part in cheering up sad Keanu.

Step 1: Click the image above to see it full size.

Step 2: Print it out.

Step 3: Cut out all dem Keanus.

Step 4: Fold the white tab back along the Keanu’s-butt line.

Step 5: Sit him wherever he looks happiest. (Tape him if necessary.)

Step 6: There is no step 6.

If you keep ending up with noticeable white backgrounds around your Keanus, there’s this image which sadly offers only one sad celebrity, but has a less conspicuous background.

Let’s look at some success stories of how real people have tried (and from the look on Keanu’s face, failed) to cheer him up in the real world (read: the Matrix).

Even when he’s out and about, the man just can crack a smile.

If you come up with any creative locations for your Keanu, snap a pic and show us in the comments.

(Via Reddit)

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