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How to Make Peacemaker’s Peace Train Cocktail

Do you really wanna, do you really wanna taste it?

Peacemaker/Chris Smith is great at killing people, but bad at…pretty much everything else. But that doesn’t stop everyone’s favorite ultra-violent peace crusader from confidently plunging headfirst into every endeavor. Peacemaker’s aggressively misplaced confidence leads to all sorts of trouble, especially in social settings. As Chris and Leota grow closer, he invites her for a drink in his trailer, where he mixes her his signature drink, the Peace Train.

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The Peace Train combines gin, vermouth, vinegar, peppercorn, a touch of maple syrup, and yak butter. Chris complains that yak butter is hard to find, and that he substitutes regular butter instead. The results are, unsurprisingly disgusting, as Leota takes one sip and complains to Chris, calling the Peace Train a “feces drink.” Since the episode dropped, fans have made their own version of the drink and shared their results on Reddit.

The Peace Train is in fact a real cocktail, but strays pretty far from Chris’s awful concoction. According to, the recipe calls for 1 1/2 oz. of gin, 1 oz of sweet vermouth, 1 oz. of Calvados (apple brandy), and1 tablespoon of yellow chartreuse (a French herbal liqueur), shaken together and served in a chilled cocktail glass.

So where did the yak butter come from? My best guess is Chris was inspired by the Bulletproof Coffee trend, which combines butter with coffee for an energizing drink with fat that makes you feel full longer. It’s a popular drink with people on low-carb and ketogenic diets, as well as those who are intermittent fasting.

The trend was inspired by yak butter tea, a staple beverage served throughout the Himalaya region. Yak butter tea combines yak butter, tea, salt and water churned into a froth, and is so popular it’s considered the Tibetan national beverage.

It’s the kind of esoteric bit of information that would likely lodge itself in Chris’s brain, where it somehow his signature drink. And it’s not the only gross cocktail we see him imbibe. To combat a hangover, Chris mixes himself a version of a Prairie Oyster, consisting of a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and/or hot sauce, salt, and ground pepper. Though the drink has been used for ages as a hangover cure, its effects have been debunked by scientists.

James Gunn retweeted a fan who made a video of himself mixing and drinking the Peace Train. When asked how he came up with the drink, Gunn tweeted, “I just made up some dumb shit I thought PM & Vig might make drunk at 4 am after daring each other to make more & more disgusting drinks & by this point they were just drunk enough to somehow believe they had invented a classic.”

And in a bit of cross-corporate synergy, Peacemaker is using Aviation gin, which is owned by Ryan Reynolds. If this is as close as we’re going to get to a Peacemaker/Deadpool crossover, I’m here for it.

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