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How To Make Captain America Cupcakes

Make It So


We’re not sure we have the patience for contributor Elizabeth Giorgi’s recipe for Cap cupcakes, but we would certainly have the patience to eat them.

1. Bake a cupcake. Any kind, then put white frosting on them. Make sure it’s pretty even, because it will help later.

2. Get some fondant circle cutters. I used these. Put the largest one on around the edge. Now, use your clean fingers to gently tap on some edible glittering sugar dust. I used this brand. (You can buy it at Michael’s Crafts.)

3. After you’ve done the outer ring, put the other two rings inside it. Use a spoon to carefully place some of the red dust in your second inner circle. Then use another spoon to carefully drop your blue dust in the innermost circle.

4. Remove the fondant circles and use your fingers to even out the glitter. Be sure not to use the same finger for both dust colors! It will make a mess. You can also add some more glitter too with your finger if you can be precise.

5. Use your leftover frosting and a toothpick to carefully clean up the edges of your circles.

6. Use a white star candy for the center of the blue shield. I can’t find the ones I used online, but I bought those at Michael’s too.

7. Eat ‘em up!

You need:

  • Cupcakes
  • Edible glitter dust
  • Star Candy
  • Fondant circle cutters
  • Knife and spoons
  • Toothpick
  • One hour

Total cost: I made 12 cupcakes with all the supplies I bought and the total was $9, because I had to buy everything new. If you had some stuff on hand, it would be cheaper!

You can see a video tutorial here!

This post originally appeared on Being Geek Chic.

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