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New Kitchen Tool Lets You Scramble Eggs In Their Shell Until They Turn Gold

Alchemists will hate you. Your tastebuds, on the other hand...

I’m no gourmand, but I wasn’t aware that being able to scramble an egg while it’s still in a shell is a highly coveted culinary achievement. But behold: this impressive little gadget lets you whip uncracked eggs into golden goodness like you’re a dang kitchen wizard.

People who know more about cooking than me (see also: everyone) say that golden eggs can replace their soft boiled, hard boiled, or scrambled counterparts. Basically just use them in place of all boring non-gold eggs to enjoy a decadent source of protein.

The Goose’s Kickstarter has already far surpassed its  $34,5000 goal, but there are still six days left to contribute if you’re passionate about magical egg innovations. Even if you won’t lend financial support, their website is worth a gander for food porn purposes.


(via Wired, image via A Goose That Lays Golden Eggs)

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