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How Old Is Bo-Katan Supposed To Be in ‘The Mandalorian’?

What a rude question.

Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan Kryze in 'The Mandalorian'

What a rude question.

Not because it’s rude to ask a person their age, but because it gives me a huge headache. The Star Wars timeline is confusing as hell and not all of it is canonical, and now I gotta do some serious sleuthing if I’m gonna figure it out. I’d rather be eating bon-bons. But eating bon-bons doesn’t get you paid, does it? Unless you’re one of those mukbang people. Then you make the big bucks.

Okay, so the first time we met Bo-Katan was during The Clone Wars when she joins Death Watch. We know that happens sometime before 21 BBY, which is 21 years before the Battle of Yavin in the Star Wars universe. She’s young, cocky, and ready to prove herself. Sounds like someone in their early twenties, right?

Now, we know that the first season of The Mandalorian takes place in 9 ABY, which is nine years after the battle of Yavin. The second season of The Mandalorian takes place a few months later, so it’s negligible. If we do a little math, we can assume that Bo-Katan is somewhere between her late forties and early fifties. That also checks out with how she appears on the show. But if you wanna get a more specific answer, you’re gonna have to ask her yourself. It’s your funeral.

But in my opinion we’re going at this all wrong. We shouldn’t be trying to figure out her AGE. We should be trying to figure out her BIRTH TIME and WHERE SHE WAS BORN. That way we can figure out her STAR SIGN. Do you think if we asked nicely she would text her mom and ask? She HAS to have a Co-Star, right? If she says she “doesn’t believe in that stuff,” at least we’ll know for sure she’s a Virgo.

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