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Where To Watch Every ‘Scream’ Movie

There’s no denying that Scream is a consistent horror franchise that continues to contribute to the landscape of the genre. Each Scream film speaks to the decade in which it’s released and there’s something special about that. Despite not having an abundance of sequels, the fans (such as myself) will always go hard for it. Whether you’re new to the franchise or simply need a refresher before seeing Scream VI, I can help.

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Keep reading for a guide to all the movies in the Scream franchise and where you can watch them right now.

How many movies are in the Scream franchise?

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) with blood on her face after a rough night in 'Scream'

Currently there are only six Scream films, including the new sequel. The first film came out in 1996 and breathed life back into the horror genre (especially where slashers are concerned). Scream 2 came out in 1997, Scream 3 came out in 2000, Scream 4 came out in 2011, Scream (a.k.a. Scream 5) came out in 2022, and the highly anticipated Scream VI will hit theaters this March. Hopefully the franchise keeps going as long as there are fresh ideas to explore with the new generation—well, whoever survives the New York slash-fest in Scream VI.

Where to watch the Scream movies

As of now, all of the Scream movies are available to stream on Paramount+ with a subscription (or a free trial period). You can also rent or buy the Scream films via your app store of choice (Amazon Prime, Apple TV, et al.).

Scream (1996)

  • Paramount+, CraveTV (Canada)

Scream 2 (1997)

  • Paramount+, CraveTV (Canada)

Scream 3 (2000)

  • Paramount+, CraveTV (Canada)

Scream 4 (2011)

  • Paramount+

Scream 5 (2022)

  • Paramount+

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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