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How Long Were the Yellowjackets Stranded For?

No return, right?

Antler queen scene in Yellowjackets

Time to chat about girls stranded in the middle of nowhere, creepy shit, and future cannibalism. Yes, folks, I’m talking about the already iconic series, Yellowjackets. A show that’s satisfied horror lovers and given us plenty to speculate on. Top it off with actual queer actors playing canon queer characters? And all the hype is well earned, including how much the theme song slaps.

What’s the show about exactly? It focuses on members of a talented girl’s soccer team who survive a plane crash, but end up stranded in the Canadian wilderness. We know some of the girls make it back home, eventually, as the story is split between two timelines: the past (‘90s) and the present (2021). However, in the present, the remaining survivors are still dealing with the trauma of their ordeal, some of whom are more damaged than others—maybe. Because by the end of the season, none of the women, it seems, have totally escaped the plane crash and subsequent time in the woods emotionally. Speaking of which…

How much time were they actually stranded in the woods?

Four women stand side by side posing for a camera, wearing fancy dresses, in a scene from Yellowjackets
(Image: Showtime)

One of the biggest questions that people come back to is how long the girls were stranded. Was it weeks? Months? Years? The answer is 19 months. So over a year. Imagine being stuck in the wilderness for that long, not knowing if you’ll ever get home or be rescued. We see a lot of disturbing events take place in both timelines, and we’ve yet to see the full extent of what happened in those 19 months (and none of the women in the present will talk about it)—but we know it gets…real. Some bad stuff happens in those woods. All in all, the performances are top notch and the writing keeps you guessing. So, season two is guaranteed to be good.

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