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How Did I Not Know This Brilliant YouTuber Was in ‘M3GAN’?

Alvarez as photographed by Summer Kais.

I tend to be a little late when it comes to checking out popular films, not because I’m “not like other girls,” but because I’m easily distracted by whatever’s immediately going on around me. Therefore, I didn’t watch any of the trailers for M3GANthe hit new horror-ish film about a killer doll—until recently. And while, yes, the camp of it all was delightful and surprising, the most delightfully surprising thing about the trailers was the casting of Brian Jordan Alvarez as Cole.

If you’ve been anywhere remotely near Gay YouTube in the past five years, there’s no way you haven’t been exposed to Alvarez’s work. Most notably, he’s the brilliant source of this iconic scene:

This was, of course, a clip from his miniseries The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo—which is obviously a bop. You should go watch it.

But Alvarez’s talents as a filmmaker and actor have always been apparent, so it’s really cool to see him land such a prominent role. He’s been making short films and skits for years, and his sense of humor is incredibly distinct and fun to watch. This is one I return to every once in a while:

As well as this one:

Alvarez has also starred in TV shows, including Jane the Virgin (as Wesley), the Will & Grace reboot (as Estéfan), and the COVID drama Social Distance. He has the range, and now, he gets to show that off in a feature film? Fantastic.

I honestly had no desire to see M3GAN until I saw he was in it. Hopefully, they let him do his thing and only further add to the camp of such an odd film. Of course, my biggest hope with Alvarez is yet another collaboration with my actor crush Peter Vack, but this is pretty wondrous, too.

(featured image: SK Portraits)

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