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The Reviews Are in and Critics Love ‘M3GAN’

A queen named M3GAN watching out the window

Seeing rave reviews for something that has genuinely been hyped up and delivers feels great. And Jason Blum has been having the time of his life documenting how good the reviews for the latest Blumhouse Productions film is—and as someone who likes horror movies just fine, I truly and honestly think that M3GAN may be my favorite horror movie ever.

Have you ever just sat in a movie and thought, “Yes, this serial killer is my new best friend”? No? Well, maybe you will after you get to watch M3GAN, the killer android who just wants to look out for Cady, and her story. Even if M3GAN was just okay, watching Jason Blum excitedly talk about the movie is … honestly really funny.

Luckily though, the movie is currently in the high 90s on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviews praising its promotion and its commentary on the killer doll genre.

Reviews are in …

Worried that it was too much press for just an okay movie? As the USA Today review says, “Creepy doll movies get a needed upgrade with the sassy and sinister ‘M3GAN.'” And truly, M3GAN walks into Allison Williams’ home wearing sunglasses and if you weren’t already on board, that should be all you need to get on the M3GAN train.

“Gerard Johnstone’s M3GAN proves itself more than gifable android dances and NFL halftime shows — a movie that pays off viral hype with the production goods,” Matt Donato of IGN wrote, and that is really why M3GAN works so well.

If you’re worried that M3GAN’s PG-13 rating will stop her from brutally murdering people, don’t! It could have been more gory, that’s true, but our best friend M3GAN is very inventive in how she does things. As the BBC review states, “The pay-offs are enjoyably nasty, though. The android makes a point of torturing and murdering people in imaginatively sadistic ways, and the contrast between its girlish look and its homicidal tendencies is good for a few delightfully tense and gory sequences.”

Vanity Fair‘s headline is, easily, my favorite of them, saying that M3GAN was programmed to “slay and it mostly does” and … well, she does!

Is M3GAN really that good?

m3gan dancing in M3GAN trailer
(Blumhouse Productions)

Frankly, yes. My expectations for this movie weren’t low, but I was a little confused by how this was going to work. A movie about a killer doll? We’ve seen it. But a killer doll that dances? You have my attention, and boy did M3GAN hold it. I’ve been thinking about her playing a piano cover of “Toy Soliders” by Eminem since I saw the movie. I just can’t stop!

But it is a testament to the movie as a whole. I instantly came home and told my non-horror fan of a roommate all about how perfect this movie is. It genuinely is funny and off the walls, and if I could watch M3GAN for the first time again, I would. She’s my best friend and my hero, and while she did cancel herself at one point in the movie (no spoilers), she did uncancel herself, and we have to respect her for it.

M3GAN hits theaters on January 6, and we all need to experience this magic together.

(featured image: Blumhouse Productions)

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