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How Could ‘The Mandalorian’ Do This to a Planet That Was Just Starting To Thrive!?

Greef Karga standing next to Din Djarin on the Mandalorian

Star Wars can never let a good thing thrive. Throughout its entire history, any cool planet you might want to go to gets blown up or becomes hostile before you get to really appreciate, and now, it seems that The Mandalorian has decided to uphold that tradition.

At the start of this season, The Mandalorian really showed us the beauty of Nevarro with Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) as the High Magistrate. The city was thriving, Karga was in control, and there was a place for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) there if he ever wanted to have a simpler life than what he was leading. But Din was on a mission and he needed to be “redeemed” in the eyes of his clan. And while we saw all that happened, we also were shown pain in the most recent episode, titled “The Pirate.”

In the first episode to really focus on more than one character throughout it, we got to see what happens when you don’t tie up loose ends—and the cost was to my beautiful new favorite city.

**Spoilers for the third season of The Mandalorian lie ahead.**


“The Pirate” was an episode that really made you go “Din was RIGHT!” out loud because … well, he was right. When the pirates first came to Nevarro, trying to drink in the school at the beginning of the season, Karga let one of them go so they could “warn” the others about trying to come there. But it backfired royally, and we saw that aftermath in this episode.

It was upsetting to watch as Nevarro’s city was destroyed from Captain Gorian Shard’s ship. Just bit by bit, they shot down buildings that once stood tall, and after seeing Nevarro thrive, it hurt. And gone was my beloved city on Nevarro, where the Anzellans were hanging out in small little shops fixing droids, and a cute school where Grogu ate some cookies. All because of pirates.

Pouring one out for Nevarro

Honestly, it truly was wild to see where Nevarro‘s city was at the start of this season. It went from a town where bounty hunters would come searching for their next hunt and the Children of the Watch lived in the darkness of the sewers, to a town with a school and where families wanted to come live their lives. And it was thanks mostly to Greef Karga and the work he put into the city.

And to see so many people happy to be there really was a special new take on the Nevarro we’ve come to know throughout The Mandalorian. So to see that so easily wiped away just because of one pirate? It hurt! They were doing so well! And now this? The reality is that Nevarro suffered because of the New Republic’s lack of willingness to help those who are not part of their side of things, which was really just a horrible look on their part, but we got to see how the Mandalorians were willing to come together to help their friends.

I just hope that the rebuilding of Nevarro is a quick one, because I loved checking in on the thriving town throughout the series, and I don’t want this to set them back too far.

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