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Holy Sue, Batman! TMS Plays ​Batman: The Telltale Series​ Episode 1.5

In last week’s episode of our ongoing Let’s Play through Batman: The Telltale Series, we had just put together a bunch of clues in a warehouse where a mysterious drug bust had just gone down, resulting in police deaths and also the death of at least one of Falcone’s mercenaries. A hired sniper was still hiding out in the warehouse, hoping Batman would leave without finding him, but this is the World’s Greatest Detective we’re talking about, here!

Batman seizes the culprit and makes with the interrogating. Apparently, Telltale’s version of Batman likes to use torture. He hangs the sniper up by his ankles and picks up a lead pipe. Our Let’s Player Sam Riedel chooses the least violent option of those available; maybe we can get through this sequence without having to actually hit the guy. Instead, Batman dramatically slams the pipe into some nearby metal barrels. The threat of violence is apparently enough to inspire our captive to open up.

The sniper tells Batman that Catwoman’s hard drive had the number of the container that the baddies planned to steal; let’s recall that Falcone’s crew was grabbing some sort of mysterious nerve agent from this warehouse. Since Catwoman didn’t make it to the drop-off in time (thanks to Batman stealing the hard drive from her before she could deliver it), the bad guys had to make do without that information. They went through every container on their own before finding the nerve agent. It took too long, though, so the cops showed up, and the bad guys ended up in an unplanned shoot-out with the GCPD as a result.

“What are the chemicals for,” Batman growls. This guy says he doesn’t know, so Batman twists his arm (literally). The guy screams in pain and reiterates that he doesn’t know anything about the chemicals, except that “they’re some kind of explosive–a weapon–I don’t know.” Rather than continuing to hurt the guy, Sam makes Batman back off.

Meanwhile, two more Gotham police officers show up at the scene. It’s Commissioner Gordon and, hey, it’s Renee Montoya! Batman decides to talk to them rather than disappearing into the night, and for that, he’s rewarded with some threats from Montoya. Gordon tells her to stand down, but he also seems annoyed that Batman beat them both to the crime scene. Batman tells them everything he’s learned so far about the warehouse and the nerve agent, and that they need to “act now” before Falcone uses it for anything awful.

Batman propels himself out of the warehouse and heads back to the mansion again, where Alfred expresses his usual worries about how this Batman thing is really going too far. Bruce waves him off. It feels like they’ve already had this conversation multiple times in this game, and we’re still only on the first chapter, but oh well.

Meanwhile, the computer has finished decoding the hard drive that Batman stole from Catwoman. It’s a ton of Falcone’s files; looks like Falcone has dirt on everybody who’s anybody in Gotham, including Mayor Hill, which explains why Hill left Harvey out of the loop regarding the charges against the Wayne family. But who should Bruce give this evidence to? Commissioner Gordon, or Vicki Vale?

Sam decides that Batman should give Gordon the hard drive. That way, Gordon can attack Falcone through “official” channels, and Batman can continue to go up against him using his “unofficial” methods.

In the next scene, Bruce Wayne gives Gordon the files. Gordon is thrilled to have some hard evidence against Falcone, and adds that he “doesn’t even want to know” how Bruce got the files. Good, because Bruce sure isn’t gonna tell him! For some reason, Gordon seems surprised that Bruce is giving him this evidence. Is it not obvious that Falcone must be the one behind the smear campaign against the Wayne family?

Guess it isn’t obvious to Gordon, because he gets all serious and reminds Bruce that this evidence isn’t going to stop the police from continuing to investigate Wayne’s supposed mob ties.

Bruce walks outside to his flashy red sports car, then makes the car transform into the Batmobile. Our Let’s Player Sam points out that this little red car is probably intended as an homage to the very first Batmobile ever, which was a red roadster. Other Batmobiles over the years have also had the ability to transform into other vehicles, but this might be the first time that it’s been used as a cloaking method. Very clever!

Bruce puts back on his Batman duds and heads to the rooftops with one of his Bat-drones. He flies the drone across the street and spies on a building that he believes to be Falcone’s hideout. After using the drone to eavesdrop on some mobsters’ conversations, he figures out where he thinks Falcone is hiding inside, and then maps out his entry plan.

Batman’s entry into the building goes off without a hitch; some of those hits look like they might kill people as opposed to just knocking them out, but this Batman has already proven himself to be a little more grim-minded than other iterations (after all, this episode started out with him torturing somebody). Falcone soon shows up and starts shooting; he accidentally shoots a couple of his own guys, while Batman manages to get out of the way of the machine gun spray.

Batman hits Falcone in the back with a Batarang, which should incapacitate him, but doesn’t seem to have any effect. Falcone leaps back into his hideout room and starts shooting Batman from through a small hole in the door. Batman throws an EMP grenade into the room, which takes out Falcone’s security camera footage inside. Then, Batman circles around the building and crashes through Falcone’s window, disarms him, and throws him to the ground. Falcone then summons a hidden automated wall-turret–gosh, this guy has a lot of defenses, huh?

Then again, so does Batman, who next calls forth his Bat-drone and uses it to arm some explosives. He blows up the wall to Falcone’s room, as well as the turret. Falcone, clearly harmed from the explosion, crawls across the floor towards his gun. Batman tosses at Batarang at Falcone’s hand, preventing him from reaching the gun. Batman then grabs Falcone’s neck and demands to know where the chemicals are. Falcone claims he’s not involved. Why did he leave behind a white rose at the warehouse, then? That’s the Falcone calling card!

Falcone admits the chemicals are his, but he didn’t leave the rose there or “make that mess at the docks.” It’s too late for Batman to find out more, though, because the cops just showed up downstairs, led by Renee Montoya.

Batman handcuffs Falcone before the cops reach them, and tells him, “Spill it, Falcone. While you still can.” Falcone says: “The Waynes. They’re behind all this … They’re the biggest gangsters in Gotham.”

Batman looks shocked–and our Let’s Player Sam is just as baffled. Is this game doing some revisionist history with the Waynes? Or is there something else going on here? We’ll have to wait for next week to find out!

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