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Hold Your Pencils in a Gutted Mackerel

Do bandits constantly steal your pencils? Are your intricate barbed wire courses and laser traps not doing their job as well as you hoped when you spent that entire weekend setting them up? Maybe it’s time to take your pencils out of that glass case surrounded by invisible lasers that trip your six-figure alarm system, and think of a new technique to protect those number twos.

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How about stuffing them into a fish? No one wants to steal a mackerel, right? Thanks to Japan Trend Shop, your pencils can be made safe by hiding them inside the Hokke Mackerel Split Fish Pencil Case, a pencil case that looks like a mackerel on the outside, then when zipped open, looks like a gutted mackerel on the inside. The thing costs 75 bucks, a price that is probably much more expensive than the cost of losing your pencils to thieves every now and then, but it’s not about the cost of the pencils, it’s about the principle, and the sentimental value — I mean, your ex-fiancé did give you those pencils right before taking a job in another country.

(Japan Trend Shop via BuzzFeed)

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