“Hide Fedora” Is A Browser Extension That Blocks Le Reddit Armie’s Meta-Trolling

Can we get one for life?
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There’s good news and bad news: The bad news is that no one has managed to make Youtube comments a good place for humanity quite yet. The good news is that at least some incremental progress has been made, in the form of a new browser extension called Hide Fedora.

Ultimately it is probably still safest to avoid Youtube comments altogether for the sake of your soul, because as The Daily Dot’s demonstration of the extension shows, the assholes of the Internet extend beyond those dwelling amongst the Le Reddit Armiers. But, sadly, any little bit can help in this rocky Internet terrain, and so I am grateful for Hide Fedora — most especially its name, which gave me an excuse to sort through men-in-fedoras stock photos.

I’ll let the extension’s description explain itself to you:

Install the extension and those annoying le reddit, fedora, m’lady type of comments on YouTube should be removed.

The list gets updated regularly and you will also be able to report reddit armie users.

[…]You can also submit an appeal to a ban.

Browser extensions: Doing Youtube’s job wherever Youtube isn’t.

Now how do we go about getting a Hide Fedora extension that works on life?

(via The Daily Dot) (image via Shutterstock.com)

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