Tanjiro looking devilish in 'Demon Slayer'

Where and How To Watch ‘Demon Slayer’

So you wanna join the Demon Slayer Corps, huh?

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Listen kid, I ain’t gonna sugarcoat it. It’s gonna be a real longshot. Why don’t you just wait for Demon Slayer season 4 to come out like the rest of the world? You don’t need to do something as crazy as joining the Corps. Just watch the series. And after that, watch it again. It’s called living vicariously. And living vicariously is way better than dying for real. See, most of the kids who try to join the Corps don’t even make it past the Final Selection process. They get eaten. And the demons that end up killing them don’t even have a RANK. Once you join the Corps, you’re gonna have to go against the big guns. The 12 Kizuki. The Demon King Muzan‘s dark apostles. And they are in a whole different LEAGUE.

How about this: Just watch Demon Slayer and then make a decision. If you can stomach all that blood and death and still look me in the eye and say, “yes, make me a Demon Slayer,” then fine, I’ll allow it. But just put on some comfy clothes and get some popcorn and settle in for the night. It may be the last bit of human comfort you ever experience.

If you wanna watch Demon Slayer, you can do it on Crunchyroll. They have the whole shebang. You could also watch it on Netflix or Funimation. But if you really want to start improving your pain tolerance (trust me, you’ll need to if you wanna fight demons) then you should watch it on Hulu. There’s nothing more painful than being forced to watch three commercials throughout the course of a 20-minute episode on a site that you’re already paying for. Now that’s truly demonic.

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