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Game of Thrones Killed HBO GO Last Night. We React In Gifs.

Hear Me Roar

As you may have heard, or experienced yourself, the season four premiere of Game of Thrones caused HBO GO to keel over like a beheaded Ned Stark. Or all the people logging into accounts that it’s technically illegal for them to be logging into did it. Splitting hairs. Regardless, we’re here to make you relive that terrible experience through the world’s most sophisticated mode of expression: The gif.

A few minutes til nine! Time to log into HBO GO and get my Game of Thrones on. I wonder what places will be in the opening credits. I wonder whether Stannis will be in this episode. I wonder if…

…OH. NO.

OK, you think. There was a delay for the season three premiere, too. If memory serves, it lasted for 15, 20 minutes? So you’re patient. You give it some time. You reload.

You reload.

You keep reloading.

More time goes by. 9:30. 9:45. You start to get angry.

HBO had to have known this was coming. Did they just not care? Would you have to go all Brienne of Tarth on their asses? Why was this happening?!

Eventually you say screw it and just downl—uh… acquire the episode by other, completely legal, means. You are far too cool for this crap.

So you watch the episode. And it’s awesome.

Even if the new Daario isn’t nearly as much like Fabio as he should be and Stannis isn’t there.

Sure, you could always buy HBO for your TV to make sure this won’t happen again next week. How much would it be to get one hour-long show that’s only on for ten weeks out of the year again?

Yeah, no thanks.

Next week, HBO GO. Next week.

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