DC Gives a First Look at Hawkgirl and Hawkman in CW’s Legends of Tomorrow

Destined to be awesome.


DC and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow superhero teamup show’s “early 2016” premiere is fast approaching, and now we’ve finally gotten an official reveal of how Hawkgirl and Hawkman will look!

According to DC’s blog, the pair will initially debut in this season’s Arrow/Flash crossover episode before Legends of Tomorrow kicks off with both of them as series regulars. The costume reveal reads,

That’s Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders and Falk Hentschel as her soulmate Carter Hall in the first official image of the two characters. With powers derived from the ancient Egyptian hawk god, Horus, Kendra and Carter are destined to reincarnate through time as winged, helmeted warriors. On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl and Hawkman will fight alongside the Atom, Firestorm, White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave against the immortal Vandal Savage.

When fighting against an immortal, it’s always helpful to have a team of perpetually reincarnated heroes on your side. We’re pretty into these costumes; how about you?

(via Our Dear Friend Jill Pantozzi)

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