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A New Scene From Hawkeye Was Released for Disney+ Day

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in Hawkeye

For Disney+ Day, we got quite a look into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And now that Eternals as hit theaters, the next big property coming our way is the release of Hawkeye on Disney+! Following Clint Barton and his “retirement”, the show is introducing fan-favorite Kate Bishop to the MCU and we can’t wait to see what she brings with her!

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Played by Hailee Steinfeld, the character is one that fans have been longing to see on the big screen and it is clear that the future of the MCU is with the next generation of heroes. But what is so fascinating about Bishop is her obsession with all things Hawkeye and finding her place in this world of heroes. And now, we have some new footage of the show that gives us a taste of what Kate and Clint are like in action with each other.

The new scene shows Clint and Kate running away from people attacking them, trying to hotwire a car and go. The problem? Kate wants to steal a Charger and Clint refuses to destroy a classic car. So instead, they steal the other car available and while Clint is trying to get it going, he keeps telling Kate that she’s driving despite Kate telling him over and over that she can’t drive. From there, Kate is in charge of shooting Clint’s “trick” arrows at the cars coming after them. One of which is a plunger?

But Kate and Clint go back and forth and have a banter that feels completely new and fresh for the Marvel Cinematic Universe while also not out of character for either Kate or Clint. And if this is the dynamic between them that we’re going to see throughout show? I’m fully and completely in. Especially since Hawkeye was, for the most part, not the show that many MCU fans were looking forward to.

The show seems to be pulling heavily from the iconic comic run by Matt Fraction that fans love and gives us a Clint Barton that is worthy of our love and affection, something that MCU fans have been waiting for since Clint has had an…interesting time on the big screen. But the introduction of Kate Bishop and the world surrounding her brings us into the next era of heroes and with the inclusion of Alaqua Cox’s Echo (who is getting her own show as well) and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, our next group of heroes are going to be exciting to see!

The new footage is available on the Disney+ Marvel special that was released for Disney+ Day (that you can access by going to the Marvel section on the app). And it has me excited about the future of Kate Bishop and even Clint Barton.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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