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We’ll Have To Keep Waiting for ‘Euphoria’ Season 3

I would like to see it NOW please.

Zendaya as Rue in 'Euphoria' season 2

After another wrought season of Euphoria, we can at least take comfort in knowing that season 3 is on the way. HBO’s Executive VP of Programming Francesca Orsi confirmed it to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that they “couldn’t be more honoured to work with this gifted, wildly talented team or more excited to continue our journey with them into season three.” A season 3 that will undoubtedly include most of the cast and characters we have learned to love (for the most part, looking at you Jacobs men) and maybe some new additions, too.

As for the timeline of when the new season might start filming and then airing, nothing is certain and it’s all pretty much just speculation at this point. A fan tweet liked by Zendaya—reading “tomorrow is really the last episode of euphoria until 2024 huh :(“—might be a clue that it will be a while before we step foot into Euphoria High again.

While the long pause between seasons 1 and 2 was due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting a stop to all filming activities, there might be a number of reasons production for season 3 is expected to take up roughly the same amount of time—maybe some scheduling conflicts for the actors? Zendaya does have to find some time to film Dune: Part Two, after all, and all the other members of the cast have had such a quick rise to fame that it’s not hard to see them busy with projects of their own.

When will Euphoria season 3 begin filming?

We had speculated that we were not going to see any new Euphoria episodes until 2024 and that speculation has pretty much been confirmed. Not that we got a release date or anything of the sort—but in a February 2023 Vogue interview, Maude Apatow, who stars in Euphoria as Lexi Howard, revealed that the cast hasn’t even received the scripts for the show’s third season, let alone started filming.

“I honestly don’t know a single thing,” Apatow said to Vogue about fans asking her for details about what’s going to happen on Euphoria. “We should be getting scripts and hearing about next season soon-is, but I’m totally in the dark!”

Apatow is currently starring as Audrey in Broadway’s cult musical Little Shop of Horrors, and she will be at least until April 2, according to the musical’s official website. So if production of Euphoria season 3 is pushed back into the second half of 2023, then we shouldn’t be expecting to actually see the new episodes at least until the latter half of 2024. It will be a long wait indeed. 

Previously, in an interview with Variety, Eric “Doctor McSteamy but also Actual Human Garbage Cal Jacobs” Dane said that he expected filming to start again sometime around November, even though he wasn’t sure.

All we need to do then is get ready for a long wait and hope that it will maybe be made a little bit less hard by some specials in-between season 2 and season 3. The ones that bridged season 1 with season 2 were dedicated to Rue and Jules—maybe we could have a couple more focusing on other characters? I would personally love to see Cassie and Maddy, since their entangled storyline was a pretty central part of the season we all just finished watching.

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