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Want to Read Some New Harry Potter Content By JK Rowling? Answer This Trivia Question

That sound you’re hearing is Ravenclaws around the world gleefully cracking their knuckles.

Today marks the beginning of Pottermore’s 12 days of Christmas, which will also soon gift us a story about Draco Malfoy, as well as a bunch of other new writings from JK Rowling. While the content that went up today is a little more background information than it is a fully-plotted narrative, it will probably be quite interesting to the Potterheads who enjoy learning about past events that took place before the novels themselves do. That’s all we’ll say on that.

You’ll also need a Pottermore account to read the new material, but don’t worry, it’s free to use (even though its new algorithm ROUTINELY sorts everyone I know into the incorrect house). A little hint for those who are stumped: if you’re pretty sure you have the right answer and it’s telling you that you’re incorrect when you type in this character’s name, try phrasing it a different way.

Also, a spoiler: yes, we know that , but let’s not be pedantic, friends. Nobody likes a smug wizard.

(via Polygon)

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