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Harrison Ford Is Taking Up a Long-Running Marvel Role in ‘Captain America: New World Order’! Commence Screaming!

Harrison Ford at Star Wars Celebration

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. In an exclusive to Deadline, the rumors of Harrison Ford joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe were confirmed. And I truly and honestly screamed and felt my soul leave my body. Ford is set to take over the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who was previously played by William Hurt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before his passing earlier this year. And Ford is making his appearance as Ross in Captain America: New World Order.

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Ford joins a cast that includes Anthony Mackie, with Shira Haas, Tim Blake Nelson, and Carl Lumbly. The film brings back Malcolm Spellman (who wrote The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) as writer, with Julius Onah as director. And it is a special film that brings us Mackie’s first solo outing as Captain America.

Previously, Mackie had played Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier on through The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, even after Steve Rogers passed the Captain America mantle on to him in Avengers: Endgame. But now we’re getting to see Mackie come into his own, with a new Ross to bother him about the government, and I can’t wait!

The excitement of Harrison Ford in the MCU

It’s fascinating that Ford is taking over the role given that Thunderbolt Ross was, for the most part, a constant figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We saw him constantly popping up throughout the series since his introduction in The Incredible Hulk back in 2008. As the Avengers began to form, Ross’ role increased as the role of the United States government in their business became more important.

And it did seem like the MCU was gearing up for more Ross to be included with things like New World Order and even Thunderbolts (if they do the run of the comics that connects the team to Thunderbolt Ross).

But having Ford take over the role from the late Hurt sets us up to have more of Ross in the future and, at some point, a conclusion to his time in the MCU (since Ross’ last appearance was in Black Widow). For now, I’m just excited to see what Ross has to say to Sam Wilson because that’s a dynamic I’m waiting for. Because you know that Mackie’s energy with Ford’s is about to be incredible!

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