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This Might Be My Favorite Interview Ever From Noted Grump Harrison Ford

Press tours leading up to a movie’s release are famously exhausting for actors. The grueling schedules, combined with being forced to answer the same questions ad nauseam, can take a lot out of even the most seasoned star. We’ve seen actors phone it in, we’ve seen some snap, but I’ve never seen an apparently delirious Harison Ford laughing his butt off while Ryan Gosling dips into some morning whiskey next to him.

Ford has a reputation for being a bit of a curmudgeon. Sometimes that seems totally genuine. Sometimes he leans into it like a joke of a character. Either way, that has very much not been his disposition during his tour promoting Blade Runner 2049. He’s been on a tear of hilarious interviews, often at the (presumably loving) expense of Ryan Gosling. Maybe the two just get along really well. Maybe they needed a break from the dreary dystopia of Blade Runner and it’s sent them giggling.

But even when talking about accidentally punching Gosling in the face, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him have as good a time as he is here, with Alison Hammond from the British morning show This Morning. (And, actually, he gets the punching story in here, too.)

Hammond is hilarious, and we need the three of them to get a buddy cop movie immediately. From Ford yelling “SHOW ME THE MONEY” to Ryan Gosling wandering off to talk to the crew, this is my new favorite interview.

Look at this face!

My new dream is to join these three in London for some morning whiskey.

(via Uproxx, image: screengrab)

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