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Presenting Ryan Gosling’s Hilarious “Just Got Punched by Harrison Ford” Face

A face we all aspire to.

We’ve heard that Blade Runner 2049 is very good. Our own Vivian Kane is writing up a review right now. But the one question on everyone’s mind has been “What did it look like when Harrison Ford accidentally punched Ryan Gosling in the face during a fight scene?” Now we know, and the entire world is better for it.

We have had a low-key obsession with this story since Ford discussed it in a GQ interview back in mid-September, wherein he explained simply that “Ryan Gosling’s face was where it should not have been,” which is as appropriately dry of an explanation as you could want from Harrison Cantankerous-Teddy-Bear Ford. (To be fair to Ford, Ryan Gosling has resting “where it should not have been” face.)

We no longer have to simply imagine the scene and its aftermath, though, as the above image shows exactly Ford’s shock and Gosling’s “I probably had this coming” expression. It is exactly the silly thing we needed to distract us right now, and you can watch Ford and Gosling discuss it below on The Graham Norton Show.

(via Syfywire, featured image: Warner Bros.)

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