Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a heart to heart talk.

Harley Quinn Producers “Hope” for Series Renewal on HBO Max

The cast and crew discussed the animated series during a panel at DC Fandome.
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SPOILER ALERT: This post discusses the finale of season 2 of Harley Quinn.

DC Fandome premiered their second weekend of panels today, with plenty of announcements, sneak peeks, and fan-friendly content. And while we’re psyched to see Doom Patrol and Young Justice get renewed, we’re still holding our breath that the adult animated series Harley Quinn gets a third season.

And while we were hoping to get that announcement today, the producers of Harley Quinn are still waiting on word from their corporate overlords at HBO Max. When asked whether the series would be back for season 3, supervising producer Jennifer Coyle said, “The answer is, I hope so.”

Executive producer Justin Halpern added that if the show got a season 3, he would want to focus on Harlivy. The season 2 finale featured Poison Ivy and Kite Man breaking up at their wedding. The final scenes saw Harley and Ivy finally declaring their love for one another while speeding away from the Gotham police. It was a satisfying, well-earned ending for Harlivy fans everywhere.

Halpern said, “We want to focus on Harley and Ivy’s relationship. I’m less interested in if the Joker gets a new girlfriend or not than I am in [exploring] this relationship that we’ve spent two years building.”

Many of the questions had to do with the Harlivy relationship, with a fan asking Lake Bell (Poison Ivy) and Kaley Cuoco (Harley Quinn) about the positive response they’ve gotten. Bell said, “It is unusual because we’re not in the room together, and so we kind of like fall in love with each other through this weird virtual experience.” Cuoco added, “It is amazing to have that back and forth and not be together, for all of us, like, the show plays as if we’re all in the same room. It’s pretty impressive that we’re all there together and none of us have ever really done that with each other, so it’s pretty impressive how it ends up.”

Cuoco heaped praise on her writers and co-stars, especially Bell, saying “It’s so funny not seeing her and working with her, but when I see her in-person I’m like, ‘hey babe’, I feel like we’ve been shooting together for years, you now … there’s definitely something there.” Bell joked back, “We’re dating, we’re definitely dating.”

Bell also discussed her love for voice-over work (if you haven’t seen her 2013 v.o. comedy In a World… do yourself a favor and check it out), saying “there’s something therapeutic about going into the booth and just … nobody’s looking at you, you know, you have this incredible freedom to just be really raw.”

Coyle wrapped things up by saying, “I love it that every time I read a script, it’s a real rarity to just laugh all the way through it … and we get this audio track with this amazing cast to laugh all the way through that … And I know that I speak not just for myself when I say, a lot of the artists on the crew, designers, story board artists, after-effects, that this is the best thing we’ve ever worked on.”

(via DC Fandome, image: DC Universe)

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