Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit Was Originally Made to Appear in Suicide Squad

But we might be getting a glimpse of it in some form.
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Harley Quinn has worn her fair share of unique outfits over the years, but there’s likely none more iconic than her jester costume–which features most prominently in her animated appearances (such as on Batman: The Animated Series).

And while the Harley Quinn of this year’s Suicide Squad is wearing a very different outfit from the famous jester suit, it turns out that the costume designers working on the movie did in fact make a version of that suit–and while it may not be the main costume Harley wears in the film, they may be finding a way to pay homage to it in some form.

On the set of Suicide Squad, costume designer Kate Hawley confirmed an earlier statement that actress Margot Robbie had made in revealing that every variation of the Harley Quinn costume had been tried on before they’d settled on the one featured in the movie. However, based the quotes Hawley gave reporters during their set visit, it sounds like the jester costume may still appear as part of a Suicide Squad dress-up montage:

“There’s a delightful scene where they’re all putting on their ‘murderous suits,’ as they call them, because when they put them on, people die. And Harley’s sitting there and you’ll see a moment where she’s putting on all her corsets, so we quote every comic variation of her. It’s her dress-up box. And I feel sure that jester suit is going to come into it because none of us can leave it alone.”

Given that the character has gone through so many different looks over the years, a twist on the classic makeover montage sounds like a fun way to pay tribute to past versions of Harley Quinn–at least in a way that keeps with the potential dark humor of the film. Are there any Harley Quinn looks you’d like to see appear, albeit briefly?

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