Hank Azaria’s Gargamel Spotted in the Wild [Pics]

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The Smurfs movie: Not only is it actually a thing, but they’re planning to make three of them. We can’t say we’re too sanguine on this one — if the Chipmunks movies are any indication, “PG-rated revival of vintage children’s classic” is often code for “terrible festival of poop jokes” — but we’re onboard with the talent. Neil Patrick Harris will be the lead live-action character in the movie, and the many-talented Hank Azaria will be warlock and frequent attempted murderer of Smurfs Gargamel.

ComingSoon got the above shots of the awesome Simpsons voice actor on set, and the resemblance is pretty strong:

Here, for comparison’s sake, is the original Gargamel:



As for Azaria/Gargamel’s voice: Blue Raja is probably a little too much to hope for — we’re betting it’ll be something more like a Moe. (Fingers crossed for the absurd trainwreck that would be a Gargamel/Comic Book Guy hybrid.)

Some of Azaria’s many voices:

(ComingSoon via Matter Anti-Matter)

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