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Crocheted Viking and Dwarf Beard Helmets are Perfect for Those Without Facial Hair

Vikings and dwarves are famed throughout the world for their tenacity, but also for their amazing, luxuriant beards. Sadly, most of us are either incapable of growing that much facial hair or bow to the societal pressure to remain clean-shaven. Thankfully, Dortha Gibbs has a hand-crocheted solution. Her yarn helmets are not only fashionable, but also sport enormous beards and other hair accents.

Unfortunately, Gibbs says that the list prices are just estimates and that each helmet is priced on a case-by-case basis. The upside of that is that you can get a personalized hat made, perhaps to match your true soul, or your WoW character.

You can also get an Ood hat, and that’s pretty cool

(via Etsy, thanks Estelle!)

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