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Halloween Animal Crossing Update Drags Us All Back to Our Trash Covered Islands

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On September 30, a free Animal Crossing update will hit that Halloween itch that comes during this time of the year. I have not played Animal Crossing in months, but this new Halloween update is going to bring me back to my beloved island of Krypton. Oh gods, I’m going to have so many weeds.

The store will be selling Halloween candy for 120 bells, and we’ll get to grow pumpkins and, of course, enjoy some DIY recipes from that, some Jack o’Lantern realness, plus HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, new eye and skin colors so you can be as spooky as you want, and you can give out candy, see all the different costumes, and keep your Halloween decorations up until Christmas.

There is a little teaser about Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this is not a retail store, so I’m not thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving dinner, as nature intended.

Nintendo shared that this Holiday’s spirit is Jack, the “czar of Halloween.” We have pranks to look forward to and new Reactions to express fear. Good, we could always use more of those.

When the year began, Animal Crossing was what kept me grounded, and I fell in love with the routine of it so much that I ended up playing hundreds of hours of the game in such a relatively short amount of time. Then, as the depression started hitting harder as the end never seemed closer, chaos reigned, and I started doing what I do best: cranking out a JRPG.

The world is still shitty, but considering Halloween is going to look very different this year, I’m excited to be able to experience some of the fun of decorating and interacting virtually. Animal Crossing has been a relaxing balm for many of us, and just when we have to deal with the reality of our favorite holiday being hijacked by COVID and this political climate made of sh*t, it comes in ready to give us the ultimate distraction with new activities to do.

I needed this, and I’m sure many of you did, too.


(Also, I can’t believe that it is already nearly October. What is time? What is reality? Why does it seem like it goes so slowly and then flies by? Please save me, Animal Crossing, because this is the worst timeline, and I need to escape into doing some new DIY recipes and catching new bugs. This is literally the worst.)

(via The Verge, image: Nintendo)

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