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Don’t Worry, Chris Hadfield Is Still Great On Earth! Here Are Some Of His Best Earthbound Tweets

Hadfield on Earth

Chris Hadfield had us riveted with his stream of updates from the International Space Station. We learned so much about life in space, not just from someone who had been there, but from someone while they were still there. We were a little sad to see Hadfield leave the ISS earlier this month, but we’re glad he’s back safely, and that he’s still tweeting about every step of the readjustment process.

While Hadfield was making his return trip home, he was unable to keep the world updated on his every move, so his son Evan took the reigns on his own Twitter account. When Commander Hadfield was back safe and sound on Earth he didn’t wait long to start tweeting again:

Getting back into the swing of things on Earth is probably a difficult process, but it’s nothing a good shower can’t fix:

Alright, maybe it takes a little more than a shower to get used to Earth’s gravity after a few months in space. Seems Hadfield was still a little wobbly:

One of the worst things about social media is people who tweet pictures of their lunch, but considering Hadfield spent months eating space food, we’ll give him a pass for this one:

Just because he’s back on Earth doesn’t mean he’s done with astronaut stuff:

If you were worried that his stream of space photos would end now that Hadfield is back on Earth, there’s hope:

Now that he’s back on Earth, Hadfield is undergoing a series of tests to see how his body responded to his time in space:

Like, a lot of tests:

Cool hat!

The songs he recorded in space were some of our favorite Hadfield moments. It’s nice to see he’s getting back into it here on Earth:

Hadfield’s tweets are great, but so are the ones directed him. It’s interesting to see just what it is people want to know about Hadfield’s experience and the experience of his mustache:

At the time of this writing, Chris Hadfield is at 982,167 followers. That’s close enough to 1,000,000 that it bothers us. Let’s all rally to help Hadfield hit that arbitrary number, and if you’re not already following him on Twitter then you’re using Twitter wrong.

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