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Guillermo del Toro On Writing Pacific Rim 2 and Haunted House Gothic Romance Crimson Peak. Are We Sure There Aren’t Two of Him?



Seriously. Pacific Rim is still in post-production. There being multiple Guillermo del Toros has got to be the only way he can do this many things at once, right?

In an interview with Total Film the busier-than-you filmmaker talked about Pacific Rim 2, which he’s currently writing (of course he is; this is Guillermo “Do ALL the movies!” del Toro we’re talking about) and shared some details on Crimson Peak, his first post-PR project.

Regarding Pacific Rim 2, del Toro said:

“[Co-writer] Travis [Beacham] and I have been working on it. We co-wrote the screenplay on this first one, and now we’re hard at work at doing the second one.

We want to take however long it takes to really find out the idea and try to bridge something that really makes the mythology roll. And in the meantime, I’m going to shoot Crimson Peak, which is a ghost story.

The great thing about [Pacific Rim production company] Legendary [Pictures] is they’re willing to take it to completion in the right way. They’re giving us the leeway. Imagine that we’re generating the comic book. We’re learning more about the [Pacific Rim] world we’re creating day by day.”

And speaking of Crimson Peak, which he’s currently rewriting with playwright Lucinda Clarkson: del Toro describes the film as a combination “ghost story and gothic romance” that’s set in the turn of the century in America and Cumbria and tries “to subvert the rules of the usual gothic romance.”

“The first half is a love story, then that love story turns darker. And it’s at the same time a ghost story… It’s sort of a very compelling version of the classic gothic romance, where you have the spookiness and the windswept landscape that dooms the characters, you know?”

A subverted haunted house/gothic romance thriller? Sign me up. Emma Stone and Pacific Rim‘s Charlie Hunnam have both been rumored as possible leads.

At this rate it’ll be years before he gets around to that magical characters Justice League film.

(via: Total Film)

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