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Guess Who Has a Cameo in Star Trek Beyond?

No, that wasn't rhetorical. Like, actually, guess.

Director Justin Lin shared a photo from the first day of the Star Trek Beyond shoot to celebrate First Contact Day! April 5, 2063 (is it still an anniversary if it’s 47 years in the future?) is when Humans and Vulcans first made contact in Bozeman, Montana. Unfortunately, I did not get the day off school. Get it together, America.

Lin invited fans to guess the identities of the two aliens, whom he called “two of my favorite people to ever work with.” To make it even more fun, he promised that the first person to correctly guess the actors would get an official STB crew T-shirt and signed STB poster! (Although apparently the shirt has spoilers on it, and there’s no poster yet, so the winner will have to hang tight for a while.) Apparently, several people guessed correctly so far, so Lin updated his post saying he’ll be sending out several shirts and posters.

He hinted that he’s worked with both actors before, and they haven’t been announced yet, so you won’t find them on IMDB. Popular guesses included Danny Pudi, Vin Diesel, Kim Kold, and Sung Kang, but Lin doesn’t plan to officially announce the appearances just yet. Who do you think is under all that costuming and makeup?

(via HitFix)

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